Valve State & Ian Skene - 10 November 2019 - Chinchilla

Valve State & Ian Skene – 10 November 2019

Valve State & Ian Skene – 10 November 2019

Valve State

4 – 6pm

Valve State is the brainchild of Richard Marshall, Lee Thomson and Jason Reolon three, of Cape Town’s most respected and dynamic musical minds. The combination of the DJ and jazz musician is refined in what is at once an engaging, sophisticated and extremely pleasant to listen to. Through a combination of effects, samplers, CDJ’s, laptop computers, keyboards and trumpet the trio have refined the art of blending live, improvised jazz with modern electronic music. The trio have performed shows in every imaginable circumstance and have experienced a recurrently warm and receptive response to their shows, from arena sized stages to the most intimate of settings. Cape Town and South Africa have been tours extensively, as well as Ibiza, Europe and the US.

Ian Skene

6 – 8pm

Ian , how to put into words the way with which this guy conducts dance floors/chill lounges across the country is nearby impossible, for it’s something you have to experience first-hand if you have not already been afforded this pleasure already. It’s not just music, it’s not just another fly by night set by DJ’s just going through the motions, He will take you on a rhythmic journey whereby you get to feel the passion, soul and story of the songs harmoniously heartening  your eardrums..