Chinchilla Moments


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A musical journey that forever captures those special Chinchilla moments – brought to you by our resident DJ Tess


Resident DJs

Sunset at Chinchilla is heralded with live DJ sets. Come Saturday and Sunday, the music comes alive as our resident international DJ Tess Prins hit the decks from late afternoon until sunset. Her singular priority will be to take you on an incredible musical journey from start to end. Check out Tess’ BIO below to get you in the groove. Don’t forget to make your booking and capture your own special Chinchilla moment.

DJ Tess


Tess’ passion for deep, soulful, sexy and sensual house music comes to life when she’s on deck duty. It’s never work for Tess. She loves to play to a live audience where she can share her passion and global music collection with like-minded souls.

A global traveler, with global residencies, Cape Town is where Tess loves most to play. And there is no better place to play than outdoors from late afternoon until sunset. There is no better soundtrack to sunset.

Chinchilla rooftop café & bar will be Tess’s home every Saturday and Sunday from 4:00 to 8:00pm. Please join her as she shares her music journey creating magical Chinchilla moments with you.




Chinchilla Moments

Imagine chilling out on one of Chinchilla’s comfortable sofas, overlooking the sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean and Table Mountain, whilst listening to Chinchilla’s grooves, sipping on cocktails, and nibbling on your cafe-style favourites. NOW that’s a Chinchilla moment- a special moment captured forever.

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