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Chinchilla Moments


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A musical journey that forever captures those special Chinchilla moments – brought to you by our resident DJ Tess


Resident DJs

Sunset at Chinchilla is heralded with live DJ sets. Come Saturday and Sunday, the music comes alive as our resident international DJ Tess Prins hit the decks from late afternoon until sunset. Her singular priority will be to take you on an incredible musical journey from start to end. Check out Tess’ BIO below to get you in the groove. Don’t forget to make your booking and capture your own special Chinchilla moment.

DJ Tess


Tess’ passion for deep, soulful, sexy and sensual house music comes to life when she’s on deck duty. It’s never work for Tess. She loves to play to a live audience where she can share her passion and global music collection with like-minded souls.

A global traveler, with global residencies, Cape Town is where Tess loves most to play. And there is no better place to play than outdoors from late afternoon until sunset. There is no better soundtrack to sunset.

Chinchilla rooftop café & bar will be Tess’s home every Saturday and Sunday from 4:00 to 8:00pm. Please join her as she shares her music journey creating magical Chinchilla moments with you.





h.a.n.e.l has worn many hats in the South African music industry, from booking agent, festival owner, line up curator, producer to dj.

She lends herself to a variety of music genres, not letting herself be pigeonholed to one specific sound.

Her versatility and ability to read the crowd, has seen her play at Corona Sunday Sunset Sessions exploring a more deeper, laidback spectrum of music, to up tempo electronic sets at TAU nightclub, through to edgier, but still with very much her own flavor of unique electro, deep techhouse/techno at Destination Saturn (Modular)

Miss Creamer

DJ Miss Creamer brings a certain unexplainable zest to every set she plays and has consistently been popping up on select underground and commercial line-ups all over Cape Town.

A DJ who thrives on her love for music and people who love the music she loves, so when she’s enjoying herself behind the decks, you can be sure the dance floor is having just as much fun! Best known for playing lounge-style, vocal to deep + groovy house sets, with some funky tech house thrown in. Some favoured genres are also retro remixed old school, classics and familiar hits with a twist… Always versatile & always gauging the crowd.

DJ Miss Creamer enjoys entertaining crowds at events, launches, clubs, milestone occasions or anywhere she can get behind the decks!

Valve State

Valve State is the brainchild of Lee Thomson, Jason Reolon and Richard Marshall, three of Cape Town’s most respected and dynamic musical minds. The combination of the DJ and jazz musician is refined in what is at once an engaging, sophisticated and extremely pleasant to listen to.

Through a combination of effects, samplers, CDJ’s, laptop computers, keyboards and trumpet the trio have refined the art of blending live, improvised jazz with modern electronic music. As Valve State, the duo has performed countrywide and in a short space of time has garnered and impressive list of regular private clients including Johnny Walker, SAB, Top Billing and the King James Group.

As far as the nightlife and festival circuit is concerned they are no stranger to the countries most esteemed festivals including Rocking the Daisies (four appearances), Synergy Live (three appearances), Wolfkop Weekender (three appearances) and Afrikaburn (three appearances). They have had the distinct honour of opening for English trip-hop super group Morcheeba, marking their first appearance on the esteemed stage in Kirstenbosch Gardens.

Ian Skene

Ian Skene, how to put into words the way with which this guy conduct dance floors across the country is nearby impossible, for it’s something you have to experience first-hand if you have not already been afforded this pleasure already. It’s not just music, it’s not just another fly by night set by DJ’s just going through the motions, He will take you on a rhythmic journey whereby you get to feel the passion, soul and story of the songs harmoniously heartening your eardrums. Ian has a genuine love for music and a keen eye for reading the crowds to give you that nirvana you didn’t even know you were searching for until the took you by the hands and showed you.

Accomplished individual in his own right, his frequencies directing feet to the floor and have your heart beckoning for more in pop up bars, festivals, impromptu jols turning Slaapstad into Ape Town from one fade in to the next.

Ivan Turanjanin

A Quest for Sonic

TruthDrawing inspiration from the complexities of classical symphonies right through to the raw industrial essence of electronic music, Ivan Turanjanin continues to seek out sounds and compositions that realign spaces and audiences with an eye toward the future. Having spent many years crafting his ability to play music, he brings the same obsessive dedication to finding new ways to present it across a wide variety of arenas. From curating small clubs to running large scale festivals, Ivan seeks to re-enforce the rich traditions of electronic music history whilst lending the same passion to the advancement of underground music culture in South Africa and beyond.

Chinchilla Moments

Imagine chilling out on one of Chinchilla’s comfortable sofas, overlooking the sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean and Table Mountain, whilst listening to Chinchilla’s grooves, sipping on cocktails, and nibbling on your cafe-style favourites. NOW that’s a Chinchilla moment- a special moment captured forever.

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