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Eat & Drink

Aimed at the refined patron, Chinchilla is bringing forward café chic in the form of food, cocktails, music, art and vibe. A menu featuring café classics has been expertly tailored to Chinchilla’s unique location, whilst world-class cocktails are created by in-house mixologists.



Savour more than just the ambiance with an array of both café-style classic and contemporary dishes. Chic, bistro-style bites have been created to suit Chinchilla’s unique location. Expect light meals, sandwiches and fresh favourites.

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Sip on our selection of signature cocktails created by Chinchilla’s own mixologists. Our world-class cocktails guarantee a good time, and great taste.

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Chinchilla is all about relaxIng on comfortable sofas, enjoying delicious café style fare, sipping on world-class cocktails, losing yourself to the rhythm of the music and soaking up the sublime views. Life doesn’t get better than this.