Chinchilla Moments #2 - Chinchilla

Chinchilla Moments #2

Chinchilla Moments #2

This week we share a #ChinchillaMoment from one of our top resident DJ’s Tess.

One of the best views of any venue is from the DJ booth. Usually placed in a central position  to enable the DJ to read the crowd and for guests to view the master of the beat, Tess has had the opportunity to play to a very discerning Chinchilla crowd who know, love and appreciate her global beats. These very guests have shared their Chinchilla moments with Tess identifying one shared message: Chinchilla¹s rooftop cafe & bar offering coupled with the music, views and location has been their best experience yet.

An outdoor venue reliant completely on the weather, guests know to make the most of their  time spent at Chinchilla to make a moment never to be forgotten. Tess¹ Chinchilla moments have been to witness the delight and pleasure of the guests making memories and enjoying their very own moments.

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