Chinchilla Moments #11 - Chinchilla

Chinchilla Moments #11

Chinchilla Moments #11

This past weekend the city buzzed with all things ‘art’ as it hosted Investec’s annual art fair.

An excerpt from Artys Magazine provides the necessary context:
‘Investec Cape Town Art Fair showcases a diversity of work that represents the forefront of contemporary art from Africa to the world, and the world to Cape Town.
The city boasts a vibrant arts scene, driven by the top galleries on the African continent and beyond. Thanks to its diverse cultural heritage and geographic beauty, Cape Town is a compelling destination for both art world professionals and collectors alike.’

As art patrons, collectors and fans inbibed the compelling and world class offer, Chinchilla provided the perfect backdrop for those seeking to soak up the sizzling summer sun and the sublime views.

This week we share Chinchilla’s own art moments with you.
Paul Kovensky, owner of Chinchilla, and Gregor Bremmer, owner of Soda Custom Design, worked seamlessly together to create a space where venue and location meets art, design, music, food and drinks.
The art is a carefully curated selection of photo stock images designed to further bring together this lifestyle offer.
From the moment you arrive, art adorns the walls, each piece telling its own story. From the entrance to the famous DJ booth to the shared bathrooms with Bilboa, Chinchilla’s sister venue.

Without art, Chinchilla would not be a full lifestyle experience designed to welcome and invite you to relax and soak it all up.

Thank you to all the artists who are talented and passionate, acclaimed, emerging or undiscovered.
This week’s Chinchilla moment is dedicated to you all.

Join us and capture your very own #chinchillaartmoments


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