Chinchilla Moments #10 - Chinchilla

Chinchilla Moments #10

Chinchilla Moments #10

This week we share #chinchillamusic moments with you.

Each week, our resident DJ, Tess curates a selection of global deep house sounds which she plays weekly, for your listening pleasure.

Every month , Tess picks the best tracks as voted for by the staff and guests to add to Chinchilla’s very own playlist. Tess adds a few of her very own favourites to add some extra Chinchilla magic.

Last month we shared our ‘Chinchilla Cafe ‘ compilation with you.

This month we are excited to share our ‘Chinchilla Bar ‘compilation with you.

These mixes are recorded live from one of Tess’ sets. It’s a sonic showcase of the vibe and feeling that takes place every weekend as the day winds down and the night winds up.

Our compilations are freely available for you to enjoy on our Chinchilla Mixcloud.

No matter where you are, you can always enjoy your very own #chinchillamusicmoments with us.





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